Friday, November 26, 2021

Town Trail - Balfour Beatty join in.

 We had another good session on the Town Trail on Monday morning - see the before and after photos. We had some extra help from three wonderful Balfour Beatty volunteers and we hope they'll be able to join us again in the new year.

 Balfour Beatty encourage all their employees to do some voluntary work every year and we are delighted that they chose to work with us.

For the first time we had to think seriously about ivy growing up trees. Ivy has many benefits for wildlife, but if there is too much of it on a tree, it can cause the tree problems. We try to get the balance right - cutting back enough so that the tree thrives, but leaving enough to support wildlife.

We also found a tree that needs some serious attention and have reported this to the council.

The team is growing - see the group photo. I'm so relieved that I'm the one taking the photos! New volunteers are always welcome. If we continue to make good progress, it won't be long before we can think about planting woodland flowers and shrubs.

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