Seed Library

Sustainable Ledbury is very pleased to announce that in conjunction with Pot & Page Café, we are starting a Seed Library in Ledbury!

The idea of a Seed Library is very simple; people who want free seeds take some, people with surplus seeds donate some. The donated packets can be sealed up, or opened, but at the moment we are only accepting donations of packets of commercial edible vegetable seeds and herbs.

So, would you like to grow your own vegetables? The Seed Library has a range of donated seeds to choose from and these are all free.

Help yourself to what you need.

If you find you have taken more than you need, please return any unused seed (in original packaging) to the library.

If you have packets of seeds to donate, please bring them along to Pot & Page.

It’s not a problem if the packets are open or passed their ‘sow by’ dates. Most seeds (other than parsnips) will still sprout but possibly not all the seeds will grow if they are older ones.

All seeds are offered in good faith and sown at your own risk.

Watch out for the Seed Library opening in Pot & Page Café very soon! 

Seed Library is now OPEN!