Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Repair Cafe Ledbury Autumn dates


The Repair Cafe team are continuing to monitor the situation and have devised a mechanism for running the repair service in The Burgage Hall during the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.  This is a somewhat modified version of the original idea but allows us to carry out many repairs.  we have already run successful events in June and July under this regime.

The key points to note are:

Only our volunteers will be in the hall – no general public access although, subject to the agreement of the Customer and Repairer we may in exceptional circumstances permit entry to a Customer to explain a particularly difficult or complex repair issue.

  • Items MUST be booked in advance.
  • Items for repair to be left at the reception desk at the Church Lane entrance.
  • Repaired items to be collected at the rear entrance up the alleyway from High Street.
  • Only items that can be safely sanitised can be considered so no textile repairs.
  • We cannot provide refreshments.

For more information see the Repair Cafe Ledbury website 

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