Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Sustainable Ledbury Midsummer update

Summer is on its way and we’re thinking about the Poetry Festival. Together with our friends at Pot & Page Café we’ve organised a children’s poetry competition. Details have been out for a while now but you can still contact us for an application form via email on sustainableledbury@gmail.com or via our website, sutainableledbury.co.uk The closing date is 10th June and winners will be notified by 24th June. Prize giving will be part of a children’s event at Pot & Page on the afternoon of Saturday 2nd July. The theme of the competition is ‘Looking after Our World’.

We’ve been looking after our world too. We’re making progress on the Town Trail. Before the nesting season started, we managed to clear ivy and brambles from the section of the Trail between Bye Street and Woodleigh Road. We’re leaving this section now until after the nesting season. There’s still plenty to do. With help from Balfour Beatty, we’ve cut back some of the ivy on the trees on the section of the Trail that runs down the side of the Recreation Ground, letting in more light. We’re now making a start at clearing some of the ivy along the station end of the Trail. It’s been good to get all the positive feedback on Facebook and to have new volunteers join us.

If you read this before Community Day, come and find us there and we can tell you more about what we’re doing and talk about our Waste Reduction project.

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