Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Town Trail working party; April 26th

At the end of April, at Ledbury Town Council's request, we did some more work along the stretch of the Trail that goes by the Recreation Ground. The 'chipper' team from Balfour Beatty joined us so that the brash could be chipped rather than us creating 'dead hedges'.

Sadly we found quite a lot of rubble. This kind of fly tipping slows down our work but we were very thankful that the Balfour Beatty team could both deal with the brash and remove the rubble.

Clearing away some of the ivy lets a lot more light into the area. We hope this helps you enjoy the area through the summer.

After Monday 9th May we will have a 3 week break before the next session on 23rd May. It was hard to schedule fortnightly sessions around bank holidays and everyone's other commitments!
As always, if you'd like to join us, do contact us via email on for more details. You can also find us on our website

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