Thursday, March 24, 2022

Town Trail - Raspberries and Roman salads

Our latest session on the Town Trail was on Mon 21st March. We finally got down as far as the Woodleigh Road bridge - just! We now need to change location as we're into the nesting season and there's a lot of wild life in this section. It felt like a real achievement to get this far and our work has let so much light into the area. We're looking forward to seeing what plants grow through now they've got some light.

The plant finds this time included raspberries! We cleared the ground around them so who knows if they'll bear fruit later in the year. We also spotted ground elder. Did you know that the Romans brought this plant over to use as a salad vegetable? They probably didn't realise how invasive it would be if you get it in your garden!

Our next session is on Monday 4th April. We'll be up where the Trail starts, near the station, where we'll be clearing ivy off some of the ground - to encourage more wildflowers.
The group is growing and new members are always welcome. If you're interested, contact us on for more information.

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